At BIG we provide a comprehensive building service with a diverse buildings portfolio, bringing added value to every Hotel, commercial, institutional, educational, and residential project.
Whether it is a completely new development, expansion of an existing building, our team have the expertise to deliver and excel to ensure the project will be completed with no delays and within budget.
We are better known as a contractor that offers substantial construction experience, competitive pricing, integrity, and commitment to our clients. We have a consistent track record of excellence no matter what is the project size, complexity of execution or what was the projects’ related sector. Our projects of public sector, typically delivered under a lump-sum contract which is the traditional method of project delivery, where work is awarded to a construction company according to a competitive bidding system. For private sector we had delivered projects through re-measured contracts and a cost plus. The combination of project management skills and construction excellence gives us a unique strength and flexibility to offer an integrated capability to deliver consistently high standard of service with any type of project method of delivery.
We always thrive to maintain a greater project control, and the client may benefit from our experience in the combination of both the project management skills and construction know-how.